Can anyone tell me their experiences with an LO not walking by 15 months? When did they start to walk? Were you referred to early intervention? What were the results?

DD is 15 months. She met most of her gross motor milestones on the earlier side. She sat between 5 and 6 months, crawled properly at 6 months, pulled up between 6 and 7 months, and was cruising the furniture by 9ish months.

We thought for sure she'd be walking by 1 year, but the months tick by and no walking. She cruises like crazy, and she'll pull to stand and then let go and stand independently. She shows no interest in taking steps and she has never tried to stand without pulling up on something. We have one of those push toys but she'll only walk behind it for a short distance, and only if we stand her up and put her hands on it. She's never initiated it by herself. She will walk a super short distance holding onto our fingers but then fuss and sit down and refuse to stand up. A few times she's taken 2 to 4 steps in between myself and DH but only if we stand her up and coax her. She makes it about 2 steps and then lunges.

At her 15 month appointment the pediatrician suggested scheduling an evaluation with early intervention. She wasn't as worried about the walking but seemed concerned that she doesn't try to stand without pulling up. I was a little bit surprised she suggested EI, but I called to put our name in the system and get the ball rolling.

Just curious about others experiences if they had an LO who walked on the later side...