My neighbor did us a huge favor the week between Christmas and New Year's. We were traveling and there was a ton of rain at home and he came and started our broken sump pump for us daily while we were out of town (we're on a wait list to get a proper one installed).

I bought his family a local treat from the area we were visiting, I carefully hand carried it on the plane, and I planned to deliver when we returned with a gift card or something but I didn't get to it the night we returned. The next day my family started testing positive for Covid. That day the neighbors left town for a week due to a loss in the family.

So now a thank you is past due and I'd like to do something for them for their loss but we still can't see them in person and I don't think I'm really supposed to be going out and about for a few more days. My best idea is texting/emailing a Door Dash gift card but I'd really like to do better for this wonderful family. Any ideas of something more heartfelt I can send or do?