I have been obsessively reading about this cheating scam since yesterday because I am SO ENRAGED. Rich people already get huge advantages through expensive tutors and test prep centers and basically money to make everything happen for their kids, and STILL that wasn't enough and they paid to literally cheat their way into elite colleges. In some cases, they had test prep center employees take their kids' SATs/ACTs for them; in other cases, the child took the test but after they left, the employees fixed their answers. And in the most egregious cases, the parents paid to have photos of their child photo-shopped to make them look like sports stars so the bribed college coaches would recommend them to the admissions teams.

And then I read this article and became further enraged because the bottom line is just that--the bottom line. The whole idea that the college admissions process is a meritocracy is completely blown to bits now.

It's really just about the "full pay" students; how can the university make the most money? It's nuts.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this as a citizen and as a parent?