We've been sleep training DS the last week after months of teething and illness. He generally had been waking 1-2 per night and out of ease I was nursing him. Since he's almost 10 months and showed no signs of dropping those feeds on his own we started sleep training to drop the night feeds.

Night 1 - DS woke at 12:30am cried for 1.5 hours (we later learned he threw his lovie out of the crib in frustration which probably made the crying last longer) but then slept until 6:45 (no eating all night)
Night 2 - DS woke at 3:30 cried for 1 hour and slept until 7am (no eating all night)
Night 3 - DS cried at 2 for 10 minutes then was back asleep and then woke at 5am crying. I gave him half an hour but since it was so close to his wakeup I fed him and he slept until 7:20
Night 4 - DS slept until 5:15 (NO CRYING ALL NIGHT!!!). When he woke at 5;15 he tried to put himself back to sleep but couldn't stay asleep so after 35 minutes I fed him because he was starting to just play in his crib and I didn't want him to wake for the day. He then slept until 7am.

So what to do with this wakeup. Should I be letting him CIO or just get him to sleep longer. He'd already slept 9.5 hours straight which is a big improvement.