I need some help with my 4 month old daughter's sleep. Our current sleep situation has been working okay, but I know it could be better.

What currently happens:
- bedtime between 9-10pm
- only naps in my arms or her car seat (in the car or stroller)
- sleeps in a bassinet in our room at night
- rocked to sleep for naps
- nurses to sleep at night

What I would like to happen:
- move bedtime earlier to approximately 7pm
- take naps in crib
- sleep in crib at night in her own room
- put down awake for naps
- put down awake for bedtime

I don't really know where to start...
• Would you make the changes one by one or all at once?
• How old was your LO when they were able to do all of these things?
• Do you have one or two books on sleep you would recommend?