So since I'm likely out this month (10+ dpo and still BFN), I am looking at investing in things to help me more accurately track. For me, tracking my cycle has been a struggle, such to the point I have several apps to guess when I O. I've tried OPKs, has never been accurate for me (will have LH surges never quite dark enough several days in a row, yet I still get my period when it's supposed to come so I know I o'd, I just don't know when exactly). I track my cm and even my cervix, just always seems to vary day to day way too much, and I track my temp, but same thing. If I'm cold when I wake up, temp is lower. If I wake up warm, temp is higher. I also thing it has to do with the temp in the room before I take my temperature. Ack. Anywho. has anyone tried LadyComp or something similar? If so, is it worth the money?? I really hope it is, and I can finally have something that is effortless and effective.