I feel like I’m all over the place.

LO wakes with us at 630am because she’s in our room and toddler awakes same time so i’m going in to get him. She seems to eat every two hours- eat, play sleep. I’m watching wake windows so she stays up for 1.15 before each nap. She’s ready for bed around 630-8pm. She will wake to eat( becomes restless around 1030-11pm). She will continue to wake every 2-3 hours in the night. Last wake will be 530am and i hold her for the hour. Naps are about 4-5 a day mostly 5. They are 30-45 mins. Last week the first nap was 1-1.5 hours now it’s shorter.

Questions- How do i know she’s getting enough?
Is she waking because she’s not eating enough?
What should the naps look like?
Any sample schedules with the awake time at 630am would be helpful please?
Should i relocate her to her crib in her room for nights? ( battling this because i’m anxious and worried what the aap says even though my doctor says it’s fine for baby).

How do i feed and follow eat play sleep if her naps are so short?

Sorry for all the questions! Thank you