Sooo another thing to add to the list of weird things happening all of a sudden... the past few days (18-19 weeks) I've noticed that I'm getting some lower abdominal cramps that are a bit sharp, which in itself didn't really worry me because I've been crampy all through pregnancy so far and know that there's a big growth spurt going on. However I noticed that when it happens, if I put my hand over the area, my uterus suddenly feels rock hard. It lasts maybe 30 seconds and then stops.

Of course I got to googling and then freaked myself out about contractions. I'll check with my doctor this week if it keeps happening but just wondering if anyone else experienced this this early on? I thought maybe braxton hicks, but thought those weren't supposed to have any pain and typically happen later... so I don't know if that's it. I'm not super worried since they're infrequent... but the hardening thing kind of weirds me out. Any thoughts?