I'm going to be starting a new job sometime in the next year, and just realized that means I will essentially end up with no time off. We have one child in elementary school, so throughout the year have about 18 days where there either isn't school or there is a school break that we don't have child care coverage for. Right now I typically use vacation or personal time for about 3/4 of those instances, and we are able to fill in with family or my husband working from home in the other instances. This also doesn't account for sick time.

For other Bees who started a new job, how did you manage child care? I think for a few of those days we could probably get a high school student to watch her but I'm looking at at least 10 days where I have no options (and not being able to take a vacation for one or two years which sucks but I guess I have to suck it up).