So I'm having a repeat csec this Thurs and my MIL is coming to take care of DD while we're in the hospital. There's a little bit of an issue with timing though. My surgery is scheduled for 1130, my Dr said I'd be in recovery for a couple hours and suggested that DD visit at 3pm. The issue is that my MIL also needs to pick up her other grandkids from daycare that day (at 430) for my Sis in law because she has a late conference. The traffic in my city is awful and can easily be an hour from the hospital we'll be at and the daycare. I guess my question is how long was the first visit with big siblings at the hospital? I feel like an hour (at most) isn't long enough and we'll all feel rushed and won't be able to enjoy our time together as a family. Should I tell my MIL to wait until first thing Friday morning?