Help on how to get a 4.5 month old on a schedule! He’s my third, but my first two ended up naturally on a schedule at daycare. He was only at daycare for three weeks before we started working from home, so he was just starting to get the hang of it. Now that we’re home for the foreseeable future, it’s on us to get him on a schedule and it seems daunting. When with me, all my babies have been fed on demand and placed down to sleep when tired, which is just fine on maternity leave and weekends, but I would like to be more scheduled with him since I need to be working and homeschooling while home with him. It’d be easier if I could start planning around specific naps times.

Right now DH and I are simply focusing on getting him to nap in his crib. He was doing well swaddled in there, but has regressed. He struggled at daycare the first few weeks so he was mostly held, and we’ve also dropped the swaddle, so he’s really not liking the crib. I’m assuming we should focus on that first then work on the schedule, but I’m not sure.

Tips and tricks? Our older two have quiet time at 1 and bedtime is at 8.