Okay sweet HB ladies - I need some help. I’m definitely not coping with an unexpected pregnancy after two back to back early losses. I consider myself a resilient person as I’ve always coped well with difficult situations and been able to find the good in it.

At moments I’m cautiously hopeful and cautiously excited over being pregnant. And to avoid confusion - a baby is very much wanted by myself and DH - we just decided to stop actively trying after the second loss for me to heal emotionally.

But right now as I struggle early morning with intermittent cramps (and admittedly mild nausea and sore boobs) I had the panicked thought - why did I tell anyone (just told my boss yesterday as I had to as I’m in the military and he would know soon anyways and he was super excited for me) because I’m going to miscarry this baby too. It’s not like me but I really felt like I was having an anxiety attack over another loss.

Any coping strategies? I could really use them. I have a friend who would tell me it’s not helping me by being so worried but the reality is I can’t shut my brain off.