I don't mean to sound ungrateful, truly, but I need to figure out how to stop my husband from spending money on things for me that I do not want or need. I've even tried being direct and telling him (which of course makes me feel like an ass**le and he gets this disappointed face) but nothing seems to work.

Case in point - he's on some kind of mission to find me bras. I've complained a few times that I really hate bra shopping and most traditional places don't have my size, so literally for weeks there were packages coming from Amazon, VS, you name it, with bras in them, all in my size but in styles I would never wear and shapes that are all wrong for me. I told him repeatedly not to do this, I will buy my own bras, and I just saw another VS charge on our credit card.

Also spotted on our credit card today, charges for REI and Fabfitfun. He claims Fabfitfun is for his mom...for whom he never buys gifts and who is a 70+ year old Indian woman with zero interest in anything FFF has to offer, so clearly it's for me and he just doesn't want to say so. He knows how much I hate stuff like FFF because I'm a pretty low maintenance person and am just not into "stuff" but here we are, I'm gonna have to disappoint him yet again. The REI charge is likely for puffer vests because again, I mentioned I was having a hard time finding one I liked and he sent me a bunch of links to REI and I told him they were too expensive and wouldn't fit me anyway, so I'm guessing he went on a mission to find one in my size, disregarding my price concern. In the past, he's gotten me stupidly expensive jewelry too (I rarely ever wear jewelry, much less expensive stuff).

I don't know what else to do. It's coming from a good place so I feel like an ass, but I've told him a hundred times what I do and do not like so it's not a mystery in any way. It's like he's intentionally ignoring me and then I feel like a jerk for telling him to return it all. Any ideas?