We've been having some challenges with my 2 year old's behavior since last fall. We've sought various expertise but I feel like I'm missing practical insights from other parents that might help me to more effectively parent her.

Our biggest concern with her is aggressive behavior, i.e. hair pulling and some hitting, constantly directed towards her older and younger brothers and towards peers at school. She's in EI for a speech delay, which likely contributes. Her speech is improving significantly but we are not seeing improvement in aggression.

She also has a very difficult time sitting still to do an activity or focusing on a single activity. EI evaluated her for sensory processing and says she has high sensory input needs, which lead her to constantly run around and seek new stimuli. They said to do lots of heavy work and seek grounding places for her to sit for activities, which we've done, again with little success in addressing the attention and behavioral issues.

At her 2 year appointment, the pediatrician recommended her to the developmental pediatrician for ADHD testing. We have the first appointment for that coming up, but are honestly pretty skeptical about diagnosing such a young child with ADHD.

The broader context is that there have been some significant disruptions - her baby brother was born and a labor dispute has contributed to four teachers leaving her daycare class within a three month period (along with fluctuating hours and closures). Given this I've tried to be realistic, but am getting a bit discouraged around the lack of improvements in her behavior. Would love to hear insights from other parents who faced similar challenges about what worked for them... Thank you so much!