Thinking of upgrading my beco gemini to something better for toddler carrying. C is almost 19 months, about 25 lbs, and average to short height for her age. I can still wear her fairly comfortably for short distances in the beco, but the carrier doesn't come up as high on her back as I would prefer. Sometimes she will let Dh snap the extra bit up, but sometimes she freaks out about feeling too confined (I think) and I can't get her into it by myself with them up.

I live in the city and we have several feet of snow outside, making my wonderful stroller pretty much useless for at least another month or so. So Im not sure how much longer I will really use the carrier, but as of now it's our only way to get around so I may just buy it.

That said, I know about the toddler Tula- are there other carriers that work for a 1.5-2.5 year old? I'm not set on the cutest one or anything, just want more comfortable.

Also I'd love to hear from people who switched from a beco to a Tula and if t really is that much more comfortable.