FYI this isn't super gross but I"m going to talk about vomit and farty diarrhea.

I'm dealing with my first round of baby GI issues. He is 18 months old and threw up 3 times today -- the last time was 11am EST.

Prior to throwing up all he had was 8 ounces of WCM. Since 11AM we have successfully got him to eat a few pieces of toast, an egg, and an apple. He has had probably 8-10 ounces of water.

While he hasn't thrown up I can tell his body is trying to work stuff out the other end, but there wasn't much in his system so it is basically a lot of stinky farts.

I just put him to bed and skipped his night milk -- he wasn't happy about it. I'm fully expecting him to wake up in a few hours, would you risk giving milk at that time? He is really into routines and wouldn't accept water as a substitution when I did the bedtime routine.