DS (28 months) has had a spate of ear infections, 1 a month for 4 months. He just finished his second round of antibiotics for the latest one, and I know he's better, because he's back to himself. But the past 2 days, he's been humming (mmmm sound) while he plays or is bored (not all day, maybe for like 5-10 mins at a time a few times a day) and I hear him doing it now as he settles down for his nap. He still talks and asks for what he wants (way more than when he is sick, when he only talks to ask for things) but I wonder if this could be from fluid still in his ears? I've noticed the past few days he's also been chewing his straws using his molars. So maybe there's still fluid there bothering him? Or just a new skill, or just normal toddler weirdness that will be gone as quickly as it came? Any advice on this? Semi-related, we are going to the ENT in a few weeks to discuss tubes.