So I don't know what I expect from this post, except maybe to hear from someone who has had a similar experience.
My LO (18 months) was always slow on the teething front and right now only has 5 teeth. I tried not to worry too much and assumed that they would come in, our ped agreed,
Anyway last week I took him to a pediatric dentist to check everything out and she suspects that he may be missing several teeth, in particular his two bottom teeth She wants to wait until he is 2 to do an x ray so as not to expose him yet and even if they do find he has no teeth buds, there isn't anything that they can do at this point.
I know that there isn't anything I can do except pray that they come in, I know that this is far from a tragedy but I am a little sad.
Was anyone ever in a similar situation and the teeth showed up or not? Any advice other than save for the orthodontist bills now!