My son is 14 months old now. Since he had his first teeth when he was 4+ months he HATED anyone to mess with his mouth/teeth. Brushing / wiping his teeth has been a very difficult task.

So I have been wiping his teeth with a damp cloth while he is distracted with reading / playing with a book or toy. This is OK until recently I read that they supposed to start learning to brush their own teeth. We bought a toddler toothbrush, and I attempted to brush my teeth together with him. While he looks at me with interest, he doesn't want to try brushing his own. When I try to use his toothbrush on his mouth, he wouldn't let me.

This morning I also read that we supposed to start using a bit of floride toothpaste, and brush 2 times a day. I do wipe his teeth 2 times a day but I just can't imagine how do I get a brush with floride toothpaste in his mouth and successfully convinced him to rinse and spit out! They suggest us to start flossing too! What?!

Where are you now in terms of with teeth brushing? Any tips and tricks? Also, did you take your child to a dentist and how early did you take him/her?