Baths? Hates them
Brushing teeth? Refuses
Brushing hair? Tries to steal the hairbrush

This kid used to LOVE baths and brushing her teeth and dealt with me brushing her hair. I don't get it. Every night, she screams through her bath, won't sit down, screams when we rinse her hair, wiggles away when she sees the tub. I have even tried getting into the tub and "playing" in it and letting her see how much FUN I'm having. Nope, hates it. More screaming.

When she sees the toothbrush? More screaming, fighting.

My child will not be the smelly kid in class, come Hell or high water!!!

So, how do you deal with this? Another phase to get through? I don't get the bath part, kids are supposed to love baths, right?