My 2.5 year old has never been a great sleeper. For the past several weeks it has really escalated and she tries to come into our bed multiple times every night. Once she's there she sleeps fairly well, but co-sleeping isn't a good fit for us because I have to be up before 5am most mornings, and 5:45am at the latest to be able to do chores and exercise before work. If I make her go back into her bed she sometimes falls asleep immediately, and other times wants me to tickle her back (helps her fall asleep). She always comes back into our room though. The last 2 nights I slept downstairs so my husband could try to tackle it (she prefers me) but he is terrible at night and ended up letting her sleep in the bed. CIO isn't a great option because she shares a room with her sister (5 y/o). We could separate them but I don't know if that's the right solution as it seems like most of this stems from being lonely (also, I have to do bedtime solo every night and also all the laundry so having them share a room is immensely helpful).

I'm at my whits and end looking for any advice. Our doctor suggested melatonin, but I've read it doesn't help kids stay asleep (which is our problem--staying asleep). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!