LO3 is 2.5 and very strong willed (and so, so loud). As she inches closer to 3 she is having a hard time with transitions especially from special things (which are many this time of year). I know there are some good tricks for this but I’ve forgotten them all! She definitely doesn’t understand a time-based warning. Some recent meltdown examples:

- put on sister’s old dance costume and tap shoes, had to take off before bed an hour later, meltdown
- got new chalk when we went up to brother’s last day party at the school playground, melted down when it had to be left on the patio when we went inside for bath
- lots of little things throughout the day ... hanger seems to be a factor

I know it’s just a lot of excitement and she’s probably mentally exhausted and it’s hard to be (almost) 3 ... how can I ease the way? When we find a successful distraction she recovers immediately so it’s just remembering those things that will work!