We've been dealing with a little bit of sibling jealousy / rivalry but not in the way I was expecting. DS1 is 2.5 years old and DS2 is 4.5 months. DS1 mostly loves his little brother, wants to hold him, talk to him, hand him toys (or throw them to him) and is very protective of him. He hasn't really had any regressions with potty training or sleeping. However, for the last few months he wants to be carried everywhere. I can force him into the double stroller but he will not walk places and will rarely ride on the ride along board of our Uppababy Vista or use his scooter. He wants to be carried everywhere. This has been compounded by the fact that DS2 hates the stroller as well and cries after a few minutes in it. If you pick him up he immediately stops crying. Have other parents gone through this phase? Have you found anything that helps and gets them walking or do I just have to wait out the phase? We live in the city and do a lot of walking so I can't just not walk places. I generally end up carrying him because I can't leave him to sit and cry on the sidewalk. He's very strong willed as well.