DS is 3, and we are on day 3 of potty training bootcamp. He consistently will go #2 in the little potty, but pee is like 60/40 (the 40% when he doesn't go in the potty is more just like drips than a full pee, but it still means a clothing change/cleaning the floor). He has been naked the past 3 days, but this morning he wanted shorts, which he peed in, so now we are back to naked.
Tomorrow Spring Break is over and he's back at school. I am def going to put him in a diaper/pull up for the commute (1 hr) but then should I put him in underwear? He's not taking himself to the potty when he has to go; if you tell him it's time every 45 mins, he will sit on it and go if he has to.
Will the past few days have been a waste if we go back to diapers until the weekend, then continue this training? Or do I table it until he really gets it? Let me also mention I am 8 weeks pregnant, super nauseous and feeling like the world is out to get me so this being a "failure" is clearly a bigger deal to me that to a normal person.