So. Our familes live 3 hours away from us. We love being 3 hours away - it's far enough that they can't drop in on us and we have our own lives. We have jobs, a house, and friends here.

But. We're also too close. They expect us to come home for EVERYTHING - every birthday, every sibling milestone, everything. And we have big families. And close families - all of our aunts/uncles live in the same city also.

We were just home for DH's birthday, and DD screamed for the last hour of the trip - she was tired, cranky, and just wanted to be home. We could leave more in line with her bedtime, but then DH and I only get 5ish hours of sleep before work the next day.

Any idea what the best way to tell our families that we're not coming home as much anymore? Or the best way to decide when we ACTUALLY go home?

Ugh. I wish we could move back there, but it's not in the cards right now. And frankly, we love the city we're in.