My single brother just moved 5 hours from me (he is the baby of 5 children) and I am the closest family member. He has a mini dachshund who is maybe 2 years old and pretty rambunctious. He lives in an apartment complex and he is having problems with the neighbors calling on him for his dog barking while he is away at work. I am flying home to visit my parents next weekend (a little over an hour flight) with my DH and DS (14 months). He asked if he could drive the dog down to me this weekend so I could keep him next week while I am home alone with LO as DH will be gone on business and then carry the dog onto the plane with me to fly him home to my parents who will keep him until my brother can figure out a longer term solution for the dog/neighbor situation. I don't really mind keeping the dog, but flying with a dog and my LO doesn't sound like fun. Mind you, I have flown with my own well-behaved small dog before, but never with LO as well. And I don't even know how this dog will behave on the plane. I think this is a bit much to ask...He (and my mom whose grand plan this was) and angry at me for acting like it was a little much to ask.

Thoughts? Would you do this?