Hey gals! So here I am, it's been what...2 months since I logged in!? Holy toledo being a full-time working mom with a 4 month old is hard. There are nights that the t.v. and computer NEVER get turned on. I just crash the second he's in bed and asleep.

Anywhodiddle, that's not what I'm here for!

DH and I never got a honeymoon, my Grandma is obsessed with travel and is upset that we never got a trip. She does house trading (think "The Holiday", it's for real!) and got an offer for a house in the Bahamas. DH and I can't imagine leaving J for a week yet (he will be around 9 months at the time we're looking at going) but aren't sure how the logistics of traveling with an infant are. We obviously know it happens all the time, I could just use some major help!

Do you take the car seat and base? Buy bottled water there? (There is a small grocery store on the island we'll be on). That is a LONG flight for us, how do I not make him miserable (and us?).

Oh help.