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Trump just announced a ban on transgender in the military

  1. littlebug

    honeydew / 7504 posts

    @Adira: But it makes a good point. Being in the wrong body is no one's choice, just as being gay is not a choice. Having a baby is a choice, even if the pregnancy itself is an accident.

    And to compare gender reassignment surgery to plastic surgery completely minimizes and trivializes the psychological struggle that transgender people face.

  2. Dahlia

    clementine / 935 posts

    And it sounds like the DoD was doing an in-depth study on the matter, due in December, and then Trump stepped in and tweeted a decision while Matthis was on vacation? The disregard for facts in this administration is staggering.

  3. littlebug

    honeydew / 7504 posts

    @Dahlia: Facts. Due process. Reality.

  4. Dahlia

    clementine / 935 posts

    @littlebug: That's what I don't understand! I get that people have different values, morals, beliefs, experiences than me and thus have different priorities and positions in politics. But can't we all agree that it's best to have facts and follow the rules in order to bring those things about?!

  5. StrawberryShortie

    cherry / 241 posts

    For him to cite "medical costs" and I'm assuming the concern is gender reassignment....
    News flash; not every trans person has gender reassignment surgery. Everyone's journey and decision of how much they are changing is so personalized.

    It just shows how he and his team are making decisions across the board with little to no research. Just crossing things off their own agenda.

  6. DesertDreams88

    grapefruit / 4361 posts

    Some people have suggested it's to distract the news cycle from healthcare. It's a pretty "big" / important distraction if so, but it's an possible angle. He often tweets ridiculous things when the news isn't in his favor.... which is often.

  7. emilye519

    cherry / 129 posts

    Garbage statements from a garbage human being. I'm a health economist that primarily works with VA healthcare data, I know for a fact that the VA spends far more on ED pills and methadone than they ever would on gender reassignment surgery. Won't even touch on the over-prescribing of pain meds. Wake me up when this nightmare of a presidency is over, I can't deal with this crap.

  8. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    So I don't know how accurate this story is, but Politico is reporting that Trump made this decision in order to get a spending bill passed!


  9. yoursilverlining

    eggplant / 11824 posts

    @Adira: This is my husband's theory as well. The House is insane so it still may not pass, but it's much more likely to now that this particular roadblock is out of the way. Lovely people, all around.

  10. MrsJBeeG

    clementine / 787 posts

    What is sad is that he announced this on the same day (July 26) as when racial integration occurred in the military. It feels like a step backwards, setting aside politics, my personal feelings and the oddity of policy via tweets.

  11. Thompson.J

    apple seed / 4 posts

    I am so pissed that trump did this. I never like to talk about politics because it is a touchy subject for people. I just hate that some has to go and discriminate against people just because of their gender. This is 2017 there should be people who are transgender fighting for our country. No questions being asked. I really was hurt by this. I have a few friends that are transgender. It take a lot of courage and struggle to go through a transformation. The government does not have to limit them or make it hard for them.

  12. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5540 posts

    This is an interesting article that talks a bit about the financial effects of transgender people in the Canadian military (it's been allowed since 1992):


    The relevant section:

    ...The military has paid for 19 sex-reassignment operations between 2008 and October 2015, at a total cost of around $309,000. That works out to about $16,200 per operation.

    While the costs do not include any hormone therapy, Alan Okros, an expert on diversity in the military at the Canadian Forces College, said many service members receive such treatment for various conditions – not just sex reassignment.

    By comparison, Veterans Affairs Canada spent nearly $20-million on medical marijuana last year.

  13. Mrs. Sketchbook

    GOLD / nectarine / 2884 posts

    Just wanted to contribute to this massively old thread and say that before Obamacare standardized insurance I had to buy a maternity rider to cover me and the stipulations were very specific. So yeah, before ACA the insurance market did consider pregnancy to be a choice. So it is a good analogy and I'm surprised at how no one who initially supported the ban on this thread has come back to grapple with that.

  14. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    I am an active serving member of the Canadian military (18 years now) and I'd like to point out that up here, no one gives a damn if you're gay, straight, trans, male or female, or a freaking unicorn. If you want to serve your country and you have the physical and mental capacity to, then have at 'er! And yes, as was posted above, in Canada the military will pay for your sex-reassignment surgery and all that it entails (if that's what you choose). It's way less money than we or any other military, US included, spends on necessary or optional medication, equipment, or paper for that matter. I get birth control and access to mental health services free of cost, too, and no one blinks an eye about either.

    The US Defense Industrial Complex is ridiculous. Maybe if POTUS is concerned with his military budget that might be something to start with. We constantly hear about our southern brethren getting equipment that they don't want or need, but because some politician owes a favour to a lobbyist or a congressman wants another tank manufacturing plant built in his district, y'all get more Abrams tanks you don't need. And that's just one example.

    I agree with PP that hormone therapy, mental health counselling and surgeries are potentially life saving. Forcing trans servicemembers to serve secretly is a step backward for no good reason other than a "policy" (cause tweeting doesn't equal drafting policy) rooted in transphobia, fear-mongering, misdirection, lies, and whatever hatred Cheetos is spewing about an any given day. The repealing of "don't ask, don't tell" took too long as it was. I expect better of a modern western nation.

    For your reading pleasure: https://www.google.ca/amp/www.military.com/daily-news/2015/01/28/pentagon-tells-congress-to-stop-buying-equipment-it-doesnt-need.html%3fvariant=mobile.amp

  15. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @Astro Bee: great perspective and thank you for serving our country! 🇨🇦

  16. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    If anyone wants to read the Rand Corporation's 2016 report on the implications of allowing transgender personnel to serve openly, I've included the link below. It's an interesting read, and I won't spoil it, but it calls BS to any budget related concern:

    "We estimate that AC MHS health care costs will increase by between $2.4 million and $8.4 million annually—an amount that will have little impact on and represents an exceedingly small proportion of Actice Component health care expenditures (approximately $6 billion in FY 2014) and overall DoD health care expenditures ($49.3 billion actual expenditures for the FY 2014)." Overwhelming costs, indeed!



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