Whoa, the boards have been extra slow in the last week. I'm hoping to get some good participation here This question comes from what I was reading on another website the other day. A few people were saying that because they have been together for a long time with their partners, they have made an effort to try new things in bed (nothing crazy, just new positions or toys or something). DH and I have been together for 14 years. When we have sex, it's great, but it's also very predictable at this point. Generally the same stuff in about the same order. It got me thinking - should we be trying new stuff to keep things interesting? And at first I thought, well it's working for both of us, so who cares. And because of life, we don't have sex super often (like once a month or so), so there's not a lot of opportunity to test out something new that might not work for us. But then I pictured having this exact same sex for the next 20 years and was like, whoa - no. That sounds so boring. (an important related note is that DH is definitely not adventurous in bed and probably doesn't care at all if we don't do anything new). So my question is - do you consciously try new things in bed not because what you're doing isn't good, but just for the sake of keeping things interesting? How do you think it impacts your sex life?