This is sort of a sore subject for me right now, and I'd really love some advice.

DH and I are a 2-income family. DH has worked at the same company for 9+ years, and has moved up the career ladder to a management position. I don't think he loves his job, but he doesn't hate it either. He's content. I have worked at my (first full-time) job for 2+ years now, and am ready to move on, for a variety of reasons. I'm attempting to change departments within my job instead of leaving completely, both because I do like the general place I work, plus they are paying for me to get my Master's in Library Science.

This is where the conflict comes in. I have 2 years left in grad school, at which point I will be eligible for better-paying jobs at a larger variety of places (when you want to be a librarian, you *have* to have a Master's). The town we live in is small, and well-paying (for a librarian...) jobs do not turn up very often. DH has made it very clear that he does not want to move, because he fears I won't like the job I get, and does not want to leave his comfortable position. I feel like I'm wasting my time getting the degree if I can't even look outside the city I live in.

I have no experience seeing parents/families balance their 2-careers, as my mom was a SAHM. I wanted to put this out there to see what other families have done in regards to balancing the ambitions/desires of each partner. Have you compromised for your partner, or vice versa? How did you decide whose career took precedence at what time?

Bless you for reading this whole thing