A bat got in our house, my daughter was asleep upstairs, I hid and my husband tried to shoo it out. He thought he did but it turns out it actually flew upstairs. After about five minutes of quiet and us deciding it flew out one of the windows I went up and closed both our bedroom door and my daughter's. My daughter never made a peep through all of this. A bit later went to bed and but the dog was agitated and it turned out the bat was in the curtains right by his crate. We left the room, my husband went back in and opened the windows, the best actually left this time.

I am about 99.9% sure the bat never got close enough to me to get me, my husband feels similarly. My daughter had about a five, maybe ten minute window where she could have been bit but it seems unlikely. What would you do? (For the record, the ped says check her for marks but don't worry about it and my doctor's office is closed. The ER won't give advice...)