So this morning did not go well. For the past few weeks, DS has been having hysterical overnight fits if he sees me in his room instead of DH. As in a writhing shrieking demon has replaced my almost 2 year old. Get DH in there instead and he calms right down. Fine, whatever, DH just gets all the overnight wake ups.

This morning, DH left for class while DS and I were snuggling in bed as our daily routine before we get ready to go. Instantly I had a kicking child who refused to see me, touch me and shrieked bloody murder. And because I'm hormonal/pregnant, I managed 15 minutes before shouting back that I knew he loved DH more than me and broke down in tears myself. Definitely not the best morning for us.

Eventually we both calmed down and when he could look at me again I hugged him and apologized.

But it still really hurts. Is this normal behavior? Is there something I can do to prevent/curtail the hysterics? Any tips for keeping myself from going over the edge too?