My DD turned 5 last June. It seems like since then whatever activity I plan for her, she is unsatisfied with and wants to do something else. Example: She had been begging for a play date with one of her friends so I arranged one. The morning of, I told her a friend was coming over to our house and then she proceeded to tell me that she didn’t want this particular girl to come over and wanted to go over to a different friends house instead. It’s like that with everything. If I take her to the aquarium, she’s unhappy and wants to go to the kids museum. If I take her to one park, she tells me she’d rather play at a different park. This morning she was begging to get out of the house so I found that the library was having story time and a dance party. I told her about it and she started asking why we can’t do x,y, and z instead. It’s really beginning to frustrate me and not even want to do anything. We’re on a budget so we can’t always do the things that she wants but I still try to find something else and honestly, it hurts my feelings that she never seems happy. My husband and I have spoken to her about being thankful, how some boys and girls don’t get to do anything but she doesn’t seem to understand. Is this just an age thing?