My 5.5 year old is around 48 lbs but on the short side and has a bit of a belly/rounder middle (about 23-24 inches) but small butt. As a result I’m losing my mind trying to find good underwear for her. Cat and Jack briefs from Target in size 6 is what she wears now, and they’re a bit tight on her and sit pretty low, just above her privates, but the next size up (8) is too loose around her butt and still very low on her belly. I walked around Target and can’t figure out what might work better. It doesn’t need to come all the way up to her belly, though I would like to have something that’s a bit higher than the current undies, so briefs would be ideal, and we need something with smooth seams (this rules out Disney brand, she hates their seams). Size charts seem to suggest moving up to an 8 in whatever brand but the ones we tried were too loose around her butt. Anyone have brands that worked for similar sized kids?