Now that DD3 (12 months) has her top teeth, the fact that her frenulum comes down very low on her gumline has become quite evident. She's never had trouble nursing or eating....but interestingly enough, she doesn't say "mama", and very rarely makes m/n sounds. She currently sees a PT for slightly low muscle tone, so I had the speech pathologist that works in the same group take a look at DD3's mouth - the speech pathologist's advice was basically watchful waiting and encouraging M/N/B/P sounds. The main things she says with regularity are "Hi/Hi guys" "Share," "This," and "Dada" - all of which coincidentally (or not) lack these sounds that I was told can be problematic with an upper lip tie.

Has anyone's LO had a similar lip tie that did not cause issues with eating/nursing, but had to be clipped to help with speech development? Thanks in advance!