Today I'm 39.4 weeks pregnant and have been having contractions, cramping and pain for 2 weeks now.
I am hoping for a VBAC and have the best VBAC doctor around as well as a doula.
At my last appt, he asked when/if I wanted to schedule an induction. He left the decision up to me entirely, but said if I wanted one next week (40+) weeks, it would be best to get it on the hospital calendar as soon as possible.
I scheduled one for next Wed but he thought there was a good chance I'd go into labor before then.
Well I'm not optimistic about spontaneous labor before Wednesday.
I'm second guessing my decision to schedule something, but this prodromal labor sucks.
I'm currently 3cm, baby is low, cervix is posterior but thin and I'm having irregular contractions every 15 minutes or so.

Anyone have any VBAC induction success stories?
Any other thoughts/advice?