I remember posting after I had my first baby and I have searched on here a few times, but wondered if people would like to post their vbac successes and attempts. There have probably been quite a few more since I first posted (Oct. 2015).

I'm currently 12.5 weeks and hoping to have a vbac. My first was an induction at 42 weeks, with no prior BH or indications that labour was coming (ever). I had a couple of stretch and sweeps and started labour at 1-2 cm dilated with my water being broken straight away and pitocin. It ended in a c-section after I pushed for a few hours and she was deemed stuck. She was 9.14 at birth.

So I'd love to hear your stories! (or even if you're planning/hoping to have one too and come back to update as well And a brief history of your first c-section. Thanks. It's so hard to navigate being stressed out about whether or not I'll even go into labour and it will happen or not, along with worries about all the risks to me and baby in both situations.