hi y'all! we had a scan at our 24 week appointment today (i'm technically 23w2d) to take a peek at baby girl's heart. they weren't able to get a good picture of the chambers at our a/s, so we got to see her again today. the tech was looking at her umbilical cord, and was showing us the colored bloodflow in the cord when she noticed something was a little off. we were told a little later that i have a velamentous cord insertion. from what i could tell from the u/s the placenta is up high in the uterus and wraps around front to back. i don't think there's any risk for vasa previa, and they didn't mention anything about that being a risk. i've just been consulting dr. google about VCI, and it's sort of freaking me out. the doctor didn't really seem worried, but now i am!

anyone deal with this? anyone have any advice/experience/stories?