L picked up a virus while at the hospital on Thursday. I know quite a few of you have gone through viruses with your LO's and I just want to know what to expect. We have been to the hospital a couple of times because I have been so worried (yay, first time mom!).

L has been pretty floppy lately, like when I pick him up it feels like he's going to slip through my grasp. Is this normal? I know he's probably a little weak because he hasn't been eating great. Today was the first day he ate proper meals and they still weren't as big as his normal meals.

I'm just so sad for him... The doctor we talked to said it could last from 7 to 8 days, so we should only have a few more days left of this. But the floppiness is killing me.

I'm sorry I keep posting about this, but dr google sucks and I know there are other moms who's kids have had crazy viruses. (Noro virus?)