Hi all!

I know that pacifiers are soothing for reflux babies, but we're in a pickle! We need to do some sleep training (she's almost 6 months and rolling while swaddled - yikes!) but I don't know what to do about the pacifier. She can't replace it herself even though I've spent the last week "practicing" with her during the day. I hate to take the pacifier away from her since she is still dealing with reflux (no meds, just thickened bottles at this point). I'm worried she's going to be uncomfortable and reflux more without having her paci to suck on at night. At the same time, we're finally getting to a great point with getting into a schedule and having her fall asleep independently (watching her crib aquarium) and I think she'd handle a little sleep training really well. Her extra wake ups each night are just when she's searching for the pacifier.

Would love to hear what any other moms of reflux babies think!