DS is 9 months old and after seeing our pediatrician today, we were encouraged to let him CIO. His bedtime is 7:00 to 7:30-ish. Up until he was 7.5 months, he had been waking up once a night to nurse at around 2-ish, but once teething started, he started waking up twice a night and at 9 months, has been waking up three times at night! Once a night I can handle, but three times is a little much for me. I nurse him when he fusses enough, so perhaps I've formed a bad habit? Also, he is super distracted and doesn't nurse as well during the day, so perhaps he is making up for it at night? Either way, we're going to break the cycle, starting with tonight, but I'm scared of how badly he will cry!

Based on past experience, DS only gets angrier when we attempt to soothe him but not pick him up. When we pick him up, he stops crying, but the moment we put him down, he starts up again. We are planning to not go in at all until the morning. This is going to be a long night, for sure. And, a long couple of nights thereafter.

And, the worse part is that I feel terrible for our downstairs neighbors! If we can hear them snoring downstairs, then I'm sure they can hear all the crying! Eap! Sadly, this might be the hardest part for me - which is burdening someone else! But, this is for the greater good, I hope!

Do you have experience with complete CIO with no comforting? Did it work for you? DS can go to sleep by himself for naps, and bedtime, but not the night wakings yet!