I'm having a really crappy go of it and just feeling miserable about everything.

I don't like to wallow in sadness so I'm going to list some things that I am amazing at... you do it too and we can get an awesome list of our awesomeness to help us feel better and kick these cold temp blues!!

I am amazing and reading my kids and knowing what they need or want sometimes even before they ask for it!

I am amazing at having dance parties after dinner... we cupid shuffle till the cows come home.

I am amazing at putting both kids to bed smoothly and without too much fuss (the 23 mos DS is starting to give a lil push back ..but I can make him laugh and then he forgets)

I am amazing at putting away the clean laundry. Every weekend I was our clothes and like clock work I fold and put it away!

Now your turn.. what are you amazing at!!??