I've mentioned it in another thread reply, but I'm cooped up in the mountain cabin by myself this long weekend while everyone else is out skiing. This has officially led me to seemingly have shopped all of the baby girls clothes on eBay! LoL and we might go for broke since I'm bid happy and have 2 more days to go!

IDK if it's just me, but even though I like Carters stuff and don't mind good condition used clothing, I really don't want to buy any used Carter's stuff on eBay. I guess I figure it's cheap enough to buy on sale new and not have to pay S&H.
It also led me to think about buying clothes with the mindset of re-selling some of it later. Baby Gap seems to do well half of the time. Ralph Lauren and Juicy are MY personal weaknesses (new & used).
What are YOUR fave brands you'll buy/pay for 2nd hand and what are the ones you wouldn't? (free hand-me-downs don't count obviously, since they came free!)