In your mind, what is really "bullying" at this age (six-seven years old, and girls, if that matters)? And what warrants a discussion with someone at the school? Is it exactly WHAT is being said? How many times someone says it? More than one person jumping onboard? I'm curious - what sort of thing goes beyond little kids being kids and would make you feel the need to kid involved?

I'm avoiding specifics of the situation right now, because I'd like to see what other people say first. It's not anything horrific....but it comes from one child, is repeated, and makes my kid feel crummy - though she bounces back quickly at home, she definitely stresses about school because of it. And she herself is referring to it as "bullying", which obviously raises my inner mama-bear instinct a little bit.

My daughter doesn't want to bring it up to the teacher herself- she says the teacher "will say it's nonsense." I've noticed that the teacher is sometimes (understandably - 20 first graders have a lot of needs!) a bit dismissive of kids coming to her with problems at what she views as inappropriate times - but per my daughter, she hasn't really given them a good way to catch her if they want/need to talk to her I'm feeling like it may be time for me to say something to the teacher. That said, I have two more children to come up through this school, and I know I need to pick my battles carefully - I feel like the term "bullying" can get thrown around too casually, and I don't want to create needless drama.