This has been in the back of my mind forever, but the issue's coming to a head.

Both of my parents smoke quite a bit. They said they were going to quit at the end of summer (my dad had a heart attack in May). When I told them I was pregnant, they said they'd be off the smokes by the time the baby was here. Well, summer turned into fall and then Christmas came and now they've said, "well, this is our vice, so be it, everybody has one" and now don't plan on quitting.

Mom says they won't smoke around the baby. But DH and I still have a major issue with that! I have really bad smoke allergies (I spent a lot of my late teens/college visits holed up in my bedroom because the smell was aggravating) and am quite sensitive to it all. They think I'm overreacting. But even DH comments that, while they don't smoke in the car or house, they still reek of cigarette smoke. And they do. It's in their hair, their clothes, etc. Those particles are dangerous and neither of us want our new baby breathing it in. One of DH's friends' parents smoke and he wouldn't let his father hold the baby.

How did you handle smokers and newborns? DH says if they smell like smoke, we shouldn't let them hold the baby. Since we're both non-smokers, the smell is obvious to us. This is something I plan on bringing up in a few days once they get back from their vacation. Mom will say I'm overreacting...after all, she smoked while pregnant with me and in the hospital once I was born, and I'm totally okay *eye roll*. There have been studies to show that there are still elevated levels of toxins in homes, even when smokers don't smoke inside. The particles go everywhere!

I don't know what to do or how to bring this up or what solutions I can offer. I feel like I have two options, but I'm sure there are more!

(oh, my mom also wants to come stay with me for a week or two in June while DH has military training, when she's ~3 months old, but I know she can't NOT smoke for those two weeks...)