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What do you drive?

  1. Rosie Girl

    pear / 1639 posts

    I drive a Nissan Murano. We have one toddler, one on the way, and one dog I LOVE it. It gets good gas mileage, has AWD (MAJOR for me since we *normally* get lots of snow), is big but still small, easy to adjust to after driving a car, plenty of storage/area for the dog in the back, comfy, roomy. I really love my car

  2. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    DH has a Ford Expedition and I drive a Pontiac G6, we are in the market for a smaller SUV/crossover in the next year or so. DH's car has the space, but has over 170,000 miles and while my car will be okay with 1 baby, we also have two small furbabies that might overcrowd the sedan.

  3. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @AmeliaBedelia: Yeah, I think the Ford Escape and the Mariner are like almost the exact same car


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