Whether with regard to daycare, pediatrician, OB, or even regular doctor what does it take for you to decide to switch? I find that in the 5 years or so that I have been on hellobee, if i ever complain about an OB, pedi, or daycare situation I always get posts saying "switch immediately". I wonder if maybe my expectations are just too low on things of if i'm too patient because I am very reluctant to just switch without giving it a fair chance especially with pedi or daycare where my child has to keep readjusting. I also find that when I do stick it out I end being so glad I addressed an issue and gave them a chance to work with me rather than just switching at the first sign of trouble.
I ask this also because we have friends who always who always say things like "if my bf did that I would break up with him" and i wonder if we are becoming too unwilling to resolve issues before calling it quits.
to answer my own question i think i would want to switch provider after raising my concerns if they went unaddressed and even then I would only switch once I was sure I was switching to a better provider and not just switching arbitrarily.