So I'm hoping some bees have experience with this because I'm not finding anything helpful online. My hospital of choice has both obgyns and midwives. My amazing obgyn of several years (who my husband and I LOVED) left about a month before we started TTC. We wanted to stay with the hospital for this pregnancy (our first) because we're very familiar with it, my mom works there, and I've been there a thousand times. I have asthma and endometriosis, so I have been seeing the maternal fetal medicine doc since we started TTC. He's great, but doesn't deliver. I had a lot of bad experiences with obgyns while I was trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for my endometriosis. That, coupled with the fact that I want a natural birth, led us to choose the midwives. I've been seeing them the entire time and I've had a mostly positive experience. I've had a couple of times where they've dismissed my concern about something, but I assumed it was because they knew more than me and it really wasn't something I needed to be concerned about.

Yesterday, we ended up in OB triage because I was having contractions and reduced fetal movement. (Everything is fine! Just overtaxed myself over the weekend, but baby and cervix are perfect!) But we had a terrible experience with the midwife on call (i've seen her in the past at a regular appt, as I've met nearly all of the midwives). She was very condescending, kept telling me to stop being so stressed, and to trust my body. She also apparently hadn't read my chart, because she had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the sacral nuerectomy I had for my endometriosis pain. (I was told by the pelvic pain specialists that this could make labor and contractions less painful or noticeable for me, so to be very careful when I decided to get pregnant.) I had to explain to her what it was and even after mentioning previous medical advice to be very careful of preterm labor, she immediately dismissed my concerns and provided no guidance on how to deal with this going forward. Then she told me that I didn't need to be seeing the MFM doc and that pregnancy would improve my asthma. I've been told multiple times by multiple providers that asthma is exacerbated by pregnancy. All in all, I felt like she was inconvenienced by me being in triage and didn't take any care to pay attention to my health history or my concerns going forward.

Here's my dilemma: we're still committed to staying at this hospital (the hospital where my old ob delivers is having a lot of issues and I don't want to deal with that on my first pregnancy), but I don't want to risk this midwife delivering my baby. There's about 10 total in the practice. I could switch to an ob fairly easily, as it's all the same practice. But I have no idea what the experience is like with an ob and I've heard so many horror stories about being pushed into pain meds and c sections. What would you do? Stay with the midwives? Switch to the obgyns? Switch to a different practice altogether?

Thanks in advance for your advice!