I'm in the middle of a stretch where I haven't been sleeping much at night, and am not able to take naps during the day. I'm incredibly sleep-deprived, and have noticed the following symptoms:

* I'm constantly irritated, and much quicker to lose my temper.
* I'm way dumberer than usual. The other day, I forgot the name of our kid's teacher. This is someone I see and interact with almost every day! Since then, I've noticed that my thinking is a lot slower and I'm making more mental mistakes.
* All I think about is sleeping. I'll tell Bee all day long about how tired I am, and I fantasize all day about squeezing in a nap (which never happens).

I'm gonna get sick if I keep this up, so I will force myself to take a nap! Hopefully that restores some of my brain cells.

What does prolonged sleep deprivation do to you?