This article really made me think:

This lady said, she woke up before everyone in the house does in order to exercise to get back to shape. I can't help but wonder, how is that possible when you have 5 other people in the house? You must have to wake up at 5am if not earlier because kids would wake if they hear noises early in the morning. Maybe she has a big house.

Since having a child my body was actually OK especially during the first 1.5 years of my child's life. I was breastfeeding, so my breasts were pumped and my tummy was actually flatter than before pregnancy because of all that calories I was burning from breastfeeding. That's what those breastfeeding sources tells you that's one of the benefits of breastfeeding. HOWEVER, they never told you that your body rebounds AFTER you are done with breastfeeding, or at least that's what I experienced. Since around my son was 2 years old, my husband started commenting that my belly is getting big. I didn't pay attention to him but then I do see myself in several pictures that I am developing a muffin top, which I have never had before! And yes my belly is now so prominent. It's like all the fat in my body got the memo to go hang out in my belly / muffin top, because they got "stretched" somehow. My boobs are flatter than before breastfeeding.... I don't know if I should blame aging (I turned 40 this year!) or pregnancy has a part to blame.

I never cared about exercising before and I have to say I was blessed to be naturally on the thinner end. However, these days I felt like I needed to do something. Unfortunately, from being a mom to working all the time, and stressing out because I am not making as much money as I used to be pre-baby, I have no time to take care of myself. I don't even have time to look at the mirror before I dash out of the house nowadays to be honest. So I wonder what do you guys do with exercising, and does it work for you? If it works, maybe I somehow have to start getting up at 5am, sigh.

And to be honest, I even talked to my husband about liposuction because I am so sick of my muffin top and have no time to deal with it via exercising. Did anyone even contemplated to try / researched about it / tried it / or know a lot about it? Would the fat come back if you don't keep exercising or does it just go away completely?